Monday, May 2, 2011

April Showers Bring May Siege Engineers

Siege Engineers
Alright, let's get this army moving. First up, some of my favorite models, Siege Engineers.  These guys are primed, base-coated, and getting some detail work going. The gents, led by stoic Sergeant 17, carry drum-fed shotguns, meltaguns, demolition charges, detonators, cabling, clippers, folding shovels, and grenades.  This fellas should be finished up by the end of the month. As veterans, their primary job is to provide pinpoint support as sappers to the main army. This will be done by tunneling under the battlefield and then emerging and clearing the area with their demo charges.

Hades Breaching Drill
In the 41st millenia, these boys aren't going to get there in time with  folding shovels.Their main toy reminds me of Total Recall. This is a Hades Breaching Drill. It's multitude of cutting heads allows it to make  a fine tunnel.   It's also used as a final breaching device after a tunnel is dug through other means. Anything unfortunate enough to be on the surface as it breaks through will take one hell of a hit. After it arrives, it carries a large multi-melta which fires through a gap in the drilling heads. The turn after it shows up on the table, the Siege Engineers can come up through the new tunnel at will. The Hades is just about done, I've got all the metalwork finished as well as the hull colors and some unit markings. The back of it has a control computer and lights.

The last of the toys for this update are some light and medium armored walkers, or Sentinels. I've got a pair each of Scout Sentinels with Autocannons and Armored Sentinels with Plasma Cannons. 

Scout Sentinel
Armored Sentinel
These are coming along well, but still need to be finished up and then hit with fine details and unit markings. The Scout is on the left. Since this Sentinel is open-topped, it's pilot is wearing hazardous breathing gear. The Armored Sentinel on the right, with a reinforced and protected crew compartment is tough enough to withstand most assaults and carries a more powerful weapon. 

That's what is on the menu for this month, I'll update these units with better pictures when they are complete.

Marshall Law #27:  "If it's stupid, but it works, it ain't stupid."